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It's starting to come together!

The painter and decorators have been very busy as they begin the transformation of the shop into The Happy Barista coffee shop.

It may look modest, but it's taken a huge amount of work just to get this far, and there is still plenty more to do (including getting rid of that hideous floor!!).

This is just a little snapshot as we begin the process, we can't wait to upload more pictures of our progress as we go.

In other news, we're well underway setting up arrangements with our suppliers and cannot wait to get our hands on our coffee machine. We've been busy taste testing different blends of coffee to make sure we're only serving the most delicious flavours to you.

It's exciting times at The Happy Barista HQ, with a lot of work ahead of us, but that's all part of the fun of a new venture isn't it.

- Steve

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