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Bakes by The Happy Barista

As we expand our business "Bakes" by the Happy Barista is now available for delivery in the Torbay area. 
Supplying large or small cake boxes or full tray's of your personal favourites.

Please note that we cannot currently ship to areas outdid of Torbay.  

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1kg Sumatra Organic & Fair-trade Coffee Beans

1kg Sumatra Organic & Fair-trade Coffee Beans

If your one of our customers who loves our House Coffee then you can now order Beans for home delivery.  


A smooth yet punchy cup, with a brilliant crema, our fair trade, organic Sumatran blend delivers notes of milk chocolate, black treacle and black pepper while nuts and praline flavours dull the bright acidity and fruit. 

Created with espresso in mind, this delicious and ethical roast packs enough punch for daily use in any coffee shop without being harsh or offensive.

In general, Indonesia’s arabica coffee varieties have low acidity and strong bodies, which make them ideal for blending with higher-acidity coffees from central America and east Africa. 

Sumatra is one of the western islands of Indonesia, a country that is geographically and climatologically well-suited for coffee plantations. Located near the equator and boasting numerous interior mountainous regions on its main islands, Indonesia creates well-suited microclimates for the growth and production of coffee. 


ALSO AVAILABLE IN 250g Bags - £7.99 per bag

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